About us

Budega NYC

Budega NYC is a New York City cannabis lifestyle brand, blog, and online dispensary concept store. Like food, sports, fashion, and entertainment, cannabis is part of the fabric of this city. It transcends all cultures, creeds, and religions — millions of us are united through the herb. Nothing brings New Yorkers together like sharing a well-rolled joint or blunt in a city park, in front of a corner store, or just walking through the endless neighborhoods that distinguish our great city from anywhere else on Earth. Founded by a lifetime New Yorker, Budega NYC strives to bring its customers unique and original content and merchandise, along with fresh and practical everyday products.

Budega NYC remembers those days, not so long ago, when New Yorkers had to visit a local bodega to get their weed — often forced to navigate unfamiliar neighborhoods and look over their shoulders for the watchful eyes of the boys in blue. The store aims to recreate the same feel as those bodegas online, coupled with a new age New York City cannabis culture experience. With legalization on the horizon, Budega NYC looks forward to sharing those stories of both old and new New York with the people who have lived through it all.

The Budega Blog will feature everyday New Yorkers, along with celebrity cannabis activists, celebrating the plant and the lifestyle. Budega NYC will also curate cannabis products from New York cannabis entrepreneurs in an effort to support the city and states cannabis industry as a whole. Share the love; and pass the spliff.