New York City Pot Culture Is Pop Culture

Budega Babe Isamar Explains How She Likes To Catch A Vibe: by Parker T.

The use of marijuana isn’t just pot culture anymore, it’s pop culture, and everyone’s puffing their way into the “in” crowd. We’re here to set the record straight about our long-term crush on Mary Jane by talking to New Yorkers (just like you) about their thoughts on our favorite girl, starting with Isamar.

Five-feet eight-inches with long, curly hair, and a true creative, Isa finds her cannabis every time she needs to catch a vibe, which happens often. The Bronx native is a model, who’s walked down the runway with Naomi Campbell while presenting a Karl Lagerfield collection to the public. When she’s not strutting down the catwalk, she’s posing for some of the country’s top brands, including Calvin Klein, Remy Martin, and Neutrogena. Not to mention she appeared in D’Angelo’s 1995 “Cruisin” and Heavy D’s 1994 “Nuttin’ But Love” video and been seen in Elle magazine on more than one occasion.

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Now, the Hoopyoni instructor, and owner of Hula Nation, an 8-year-old company that allows her to incorporate and teach her favorite artistic avenues, which include hooping, dream catching and jewelry design.

Her art has allowed Isamar to travel all around the world to places like Barbados, Costa Rica, Uganda, Egypt, and Iceland, just to name a few. 

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Always on the go, and never a time to waste, Isamar’s here to explain how weed keeps her focused.

Name: Isamar Gonzalez

Borough: Bronx, NY by way of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Occupation: Model, Dance Fitness Instructor and Everyday Creative

I first smoked when…[I] must’ve been like 17, but I can’t remember the exact moment. I used to be more paranoid, [and] my heart used to race—maybe because I was insecure, and I wasn’t intuned with marijuana like I am now.

My first memory of getting high… Just laughing.

I use marijuana for… [I] use it for meditation, I use it when I work out (it definitely uplifts me), it gets me going, it keeps me focused. For me, it’s like a joint in my hand [while] decorating or weaving my dreamcatchers …[is] meditation. For me, it’s an everyday thing.

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When I smoke I… I want to take over the world. It excites me because it really helps me be more creative and open to possibilities. It helps me relax; it’s great for sex; [it’s]great for massages. (I’ve actually had marijuana butter on my body, and that was amazing.) There are times I have to take a break … because it’s like [you’re] between dreamland and reality, and you’re high and it’s beautiful, but sometimes you just want to be in reality and that’s it.

My favorite type is… Indica. It’s funny because when I smell it, I always pick Sativa, but [my guy] knows me and he’s like, “I always give you Indica without you realizing it.”

My favorite strains are… Blue Dream, Holy Grail, Grand Daddy Purple, and Tangie. I haven’t had them in a long time, but Northern Lights and G13. 

When I’m high, I like to…Usually [do something] creative, whether it’s cooking, putting on my makeup, etc..

I go to events like the Paradise Club, I usually get high there. When I go bowling, I love it. Skating and when I hula hoop

My favorite edibles are… I don’t really have favorites. I’ve taken gummies [and] I’ve eaten brownies, [but] I don’t know, I can’t really feel the difference. 

If I could choose anywhere to smoke, it would be… On the beaches in Barbados.

My go-to spot to light up in New York is… I used to love smoking in my basement with all of my people. That’s my favorite thing. Bed-Stuy, that’s where everybody smokes—that’s the incense of that stuff. You walk around, and that’s all you smell.

When I roll…I like my Raw Bob Marley papers because they’re like they’re light, they’re thin, it’s not like bamboo, and it’s natural. 

When I’m high, I listen to… Silence. I like to hear myself. When I listen to music, I listen to Jazz. I always put [on] my Ella Fitzgerald [or] Nina Simone. I’m old school. Even when I was 16 or 17, I was listening to Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison.

I think people’s biggest misconception about bud is… With bud, people feel like they’re going to lose control, but [it’s] like medicine, a nice relaxing medicine. For people with depression, I think it’s a way to really go deeper into your subconscious and into all of your thoughts and not be afraid of it.