In The Sign of Virgo

Rebecca Gitana: Transformational Guide and Home Healer

Welcome to the Mothership and our wrapping up February reading. This is coming to you, for Valentine’s day and in honoring this energy of love, but not just romantic love. Love, but the energy of love. This energy doesn’t just belong to romantic relationships. It belongs to all kinds of relationships, including the relationship with ourselves.

I am Rebecca Gitana, also known as Gaia. I just took a beautiful inhale from my bong, and I shuffled the cards and laid them out for us, asking for guidance and wisdom for all who enter this space, all who join me here. I invite you to just chill for a few minutes. Maybe you also go and get your plant medicine. Perhaps you just get yourself a seat.

Yes, have a seat for a few minutes. We won’t be long. In order for this magic to really work, you have to be present and you have to be open to receive it. The messages you will receive today will activate your own inner knowing. And that’s why you need to be still, so you can actually listen to yourself. You might want to get a glass of water and something to write with.

And let’s get yourself some breaths. Let’s take a few beautiful breaths here. We’re going to breathe in through the nose, and we’re going to breathe out of the mouth, making a sigh of relief, really letting go. That first breath may feel a little struggled, but let’s go again. That’s when we go in a little deeper. Taking a final breath here with me, you are welcome to continue to go on and on with your breaths as the reading continues.


(In prayer) Asking for my words to be clear, asking for your heart to be open to not only what I have to say but to the messages in your heart. May your light be far brighter (after this) than when you joined the session. I’ve already pulled the cards for us and laid them out. And we’ve got some powerful messages.

The first card that came out was all about going outside. Even though we may be in the depths of winter, right now is a really powerful time for you to use the energy of the outdoors to activate yourself, invigorate yourself, and connect yourself with the divine. You have been indoors far too long. You need to get out there, bundle up and enjoy that winter sun on your face.

The other cards that we have here, that really go together and that I want to address now is a card talking about clearing your space and your sacred space. In what ways have you been neglecting your home or your body? Now is a really powerful time for you to reflect upon that. Get rid of clutter and clear the energy around you. If you need help with this, I am a home healer, and there is so much there I can help you heal.

As for the sacred space, I want you to remember that you, and your home, is a sacred space. Maybe now is a time for you to create an altar in your home. Perhaps it’s time for you to treat yourself as the altar of your life and tend to yourself. Clearing out old energy and getting rid of the clutter, the dust, the noise. Whether it’s literal or figurative, getting rid of the mess in your body or in your home. Now is a powerful time.

When you do this, you actually set yourself up to be more empowered in the world, whether it’s how you are working within your work, or how you are working within yourself. When you clear your environment, you activate, and you empower. That word “activate†keeps coming back and back into my mind. So ask yourself, in what ways do I need to be activated? Do I need to be activated in my health and wellness? Do I need to be activated in my self-reflection? How do I need to be activated at this time? And what tools can I use to activate myself?

On another note, right now, many of us are reflecting a lot on love and the many ways we have behaved in love. Maybe even reflecting upon the ways that we have been taught to love. Right now is a really powerful time to remember that any love that you have ever shared in your life, that love is eternal. That love is sacred, and it is part of what you’ve manifested in the world. So no matter how that love has come to you. No matter how that love may have ended, now is a great time to honor all the love that you have been able to make in your life.

And in all fairness, everything has hashed out the way that it was intended to at that time. This is not to discount anything terrible that may have happened to you, but just in the whole fairness, all things being equal, try and not to judge the ways that you have loved or the ways that love has gone wrong. You are in a new time and a new space, and you have the opportunity to create newness around love. Particularly when you clear old thoughts about love, when you clear things in your home that may belong to an old love & overall clear out your sacred space. You may even want to do a ceremony to reclaim your most sacred space.

Additionally, we have here the hostilities card. The hostilities card wants us all to remember that (hold up) I have to say this: right now, in this age of Aquarius, in this air energy, and there are so many planets in the air signs this year by the way. We are even having retrogrades in the air signs, making them easier in many ways, so that is a good thing. I want us to remember that the biggest challenge that we’re going to face in 2021 will be mastering our thoughts. Some of the biggest hostilities that we will experience in 2021 will be reframing our thoughts and seeing ourselves when we get tangled in the web of old ideas and beliefs.

Remember that you have the power to create your world with your thoughts. You have the power to create new forms of abundance. You have the power to create even a new presence in the world. How you want to show up (now) is all going to start for you with the power of the mind. Seeing yourself, believing yourself into a new state of being, and then showing up in that new state of being.

For many of us, this has to do with the door to romance and what ways have we been hostile lovers. It’s now a powerful time for you to reflect on that and own those truths. And again, show up from that new state of being in love too. Whether you are single and whether you have been in a long-term relationship, we can all reflect on the ways that we have been hostile to ourselves and to our partners. Many times we project and even reflect those closest to us. That’s why those people can be so irritating to our spirits sometimes because they reflect things that perhaps were hostile inside of us and that we did not want to see.

I’m going to round out the reading with some love messages. And I pulled a card for those in sacred bonds and those who are single. It’s so interesting. For those in sacred bonds, the word reflective came out. Now’s a great time to give each other some space. Again, when we are all reflecting mode, and it’s sometimes easier to do that reflection when you’re on your own, and you’re single. But when you’re in a relationship, you really have to take a step back to reflect and even reshape yourself to show up in the relationship in a new way. So, give each other some space and maybe even talk about the need to reflect. Choose to reflect over how you each have been hostile in the relationship or what opposing energies from the other person could you really do without.

As for those who are single, the secret word admirer card came out. Wow that’s fun. That’s really fun. So as you are just leaving yourself open for a secret admirer or someone to step forward, now is an excellent time for you to really envision how you want to show up when that person actually comes along.

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So beautiful. Thank you for joining me here on Budega NYC. It is always my pleasure to be your guide. And if you want to learn more about all the ways that I can support you in your transformation, visit Until next time. Stay lifted, everyone.

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